Let Go


Sometimes I think people think there is an invisible committee

of half crazed minimalists

conspiring to force them to get rid of all of their material possessions.

There isn’t!


If you like your stuff? Keep it!

  • Is there  value in that closet over flowing with unworn clothes?
  • That closet brimming with mismatched bath towels?
  • What about the basement abounding with un-played-with toys and Beanie Babies?
  • That attic stuffed with collections of trinkets?
  • That shelfs overrun by dusty DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes?

Great! Hold tight if you feel so inclined. Permission granted.

You have permission to keep anything that adds value to your life.download
And you have permission to keep anything that doesn’t add value to your life.

But you also have permission to let go.

  • You have permission to clear the clutter.
  • You have permission to remove the excess.
    • —the clothes you don’t wear, the junk you don’t use, the things you hold on to just in case

and focus on what’s truly important to you: health, relationships, passions.

Either way—you have permission.
Of course, you don’t need anyone else’s permission—only your own.

Wasted Time



Well, today is my birthday.

And here I sit at the butt crack of dawn blogging.

Some would say that is a waste of time, I would disagree.

My plans for today consist of driving the six hours from my son’s house to mine;  He just had his second child and I was on duty to help Mom.

Some would say that was a waste of time, just postponing the inevitable.  I would disagree.

Time doing things you enjoy is time to recharge your battery, clean the chalk board, do some spring cleaning; what ever you want to call it.

It is VERY necessary down time.


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