Growing old


Who will I grow old with?

How will I grow old?

Will it be with my best friend?

Will it be with my love?

Will it be with dignity?

Will it be with grace?



DEPRESSION_by_optiknerve_grThe nights are longer now.

The air is cold some how.

All I know is, I’m alone once again.


I’ve heard it all before,

I dreamed this time would come,

but there’s no comfort, no solace in the words.

— charliey4

What does the future hold?

old couple.

After years of trying and failing, 

Years of pushing love away.

My heart and soul are ailing,

Can love come and stay.


Will there be my happy ending?

Can there be my other half?

Could we hold hands together,

As we walk down life’s path.

                                                       .                                                                                                        – Charliey

Prizes in Life

Ralph Waldo Emerson Español: Ralph Waldo Emers...

Ralph Waldo Emerson


“The high prize of life,

the crowning fortune of man,

is to be born with a bias to some pursuit which finds him in employment and happiness.”

By : Ralph Waldo Emerson

White noise by spirited away

White noise. – This is RE POST of an amazing poem by

spirited away

Because the world is so mainstream

A source quite grotesque , opposing clarity.
Floating lanterns , illuminate the ebony.
Failing to ressurect the shadows lurking by.
Can you hear them ? Whispering absurdity
Retorts in languages I should’nt comprehend
Consolidate their fate ? I must oppose.
Their coffins heavy , their spirits afloat
I cannot sympathise , apathy dominates
Paradise and paranormal may co-exist
Must I eradicate the latter and relax
Distorted auras , searching for purpose
Drowning in delirium , I accept my end
Faith is a delusion , they cackle at cue
Stop reminding me that I’m one of you.

Twas the Night Before Christmas

bowTwas the night before Christmas

And all through my house

Echoed snores of my house mate

Whom I could not even roust.

stockingThe stockings were not hung,

The tree un-adorned,

And the loneliness stuck

In my mind like a thorn.

tearsIn the back of my mind

There arose such a clatter,

Of  holidays past

And the dreams that had shattered.

chihuahuaI rose from the couch

To the dogs gave a whistle

And headed to bed

For the nightly epistle.

weepAnd I heard myself think

As I drifted to sleep,

Another day tomorrow brings,

Another day to weep.

— unknown

Try to remember those folks who Christmas does not bring a festive mood.

Ants with umbrellas and tiny little rain coats

It rained on my picnic today
And only the ants had umbrellas.
Seems twas only I that was unprepared.
With galoshes and raincoats they traveled on.
Not a step was missed on their daily roam.
Twas only I caught unaware and unprepared.

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