ignoranceReal knowledge is to know the extent of ones ignorance.

— Confucius

And with that being said and taken to heart, may I add,


ignorance quotes


DEPRESSION_by_optiknerve_grThe nights are longer now.

The air is cold some how.

All I know is, I’m alone once again.


I’ve heard it all before,

I dreamed this time would come,

but there’s no comfort, no solace in the words.

— charliey4






How do I explain to situation I’ve gotten myself into?

How do I survive the world I’ve created?

Why do I make the decisions I do?

I’m tired of just existing in the grey area between light and dark.  At this point I’d be happy with the dark.  At least I’d be somewhere.

Who is in your support family?




door2Doors.  They are always opening and closing.  Sometimes they close in your face.  Sometimes they open and you fall in.  But it seems the only constant is that they are always opening and closing and I seem to have no control.

Fun House

house of mirrosIf we are the bridge between all that has been in human history and all that is yet to be created,

what kind of bridge are we?

– Alan Seale

Me?, I think my bridge looks like the Fun House of Mirrors…….can’t find my way out.

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