I’ve been on this great earth a number of years.  And you would think after all I’ve seen, everywhere I’ve been and all I’ve experienced, life could not surprise me.  Oh but how wrong I am.  Life and those beautiful people who cross my path, still throw me a curve on a regular basis.  In the past, I always kept my observations and opinions to myself, but no more.  I’ve earned the right to let my opinion be known.  Hopefully, my opinions and insights will amuse and inspire.  But if they don’t, I did not keep my mouth shut!  I feel better already.

  • In 2012, this blog will take a little bit of turn.  I am going to start journaling my experiences with mental health, specifically bipolar disease. On a journey to help myself (and hopefully others), I’m going to share my ups, downs and left turns. I’m finding there are a lot of us out there. One of the things we do not have to do is take this journey alone.
  • Well, it’s now 2013 and the blog is just like me, trying to find it’s focus.  Motivational and inspirational quotes became a part of my life and I’m going to share them with you, in hopes that you can find strength.  Managing the ups and downs of bipolar is a laborious task.  A smile or an idea to hold onto can sometimes help me through the day.

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