Round Pegs in Square Holes.


I’ve always considered my self a round peg. I’m educated and well rounded.  Grounded in reality (most of the time).  I have a live and let live, do unto others type attitude.  And just plain hate confrontations. I can fit into most situations smoothly and exit quietly.  So why then do I find myself so uncomfortable with my current situation.

Me and my dogs do not fit in at my son’s house.  I’m an un-welcomed third wheel.  I have no say. I have no place.  I’m useless.

I hide in what is supposed to be my room to avoid conflict.  I sit quietly during conversations, my opinion is not welcome. I’m not aloud to get upset or speak my mind.  I’m accused of things I would never do.  My son and his live in, invited me into their house, but will not make a place for me.

I know I’m sick in the head, but I really don’t think I could make all this up. I’m in no better mental, physical or financial situation being here than when I was on my own.  I’ve done it again.  I was optimistic (yet apprehensive) and took someone else’s word.  I had a gut feeling, but put it on a back burner.  Now look, I’m pretty much stuck now.  Once again caught in the hell that is grey.


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