The wise does at once what the fool does at last.
— Confucious


Procrastination, most everyone does it.  If there is something you don’t want to do, it can be done later, tomorrow, or next week.  But how many times have you discovered something that will make life better and you postponed that also?  Have you let procrastination get in the way of your mental and physical health?  Are you a fool?


I have a tendency to be the fool.  I procrastinate even when I know what ever I’m avoiding will help me.  I can think of absolutely first rate explanations, no excuses, why I should start later.  I think it’s fear; fear of change, fear of failure.  How can I be afraid of changing my situation for the better?  Procrastination, a nasty little bugger!


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  1. Dr. Star
    Feb 21, 2013 @ 03:48:53

    Reblogged this on Smiles Hide Tears..


  2. Another 12 Novels in 12 Months
    Feb 23, 2013 @ 20:21:08

    Thanks for the link to my post!


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