The small steps

clapWhat is the sound of one hand clapping?



What is the sound?  I believe this is supposed to be focused around self promotion, bragging, inflated egos, etc.  But I’d like to take it in another direction.

One hand clapping, or one person congratulating himself can be a good thing in the life of the depressed.  There are things we do on a daily basis that the non-depressed take for granted.  If we were to tell them of being pleased that we were able to get out of bed, that we were able to interact at a social setting, or go to work 5 days straight; they would look at us in confusion.  Sometimes I think it is good to clap for ones self.  So, what is the sound of one hand clapping?  It is the sound of a 40 hour paycheck, finding out there’s someone else near you with depression or going outside for a walk.  It’s little steps that get us through the day.  The sound of one hand clapping is the successful completion of a normal day.

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