Successful Learning

Learning-From-Mistakes“Acknowledge that you learn just as much,

if not more,

from your failures as you do from your successes.”

By : Jeffrey Benjamin

Confucius Say…

dragonHe who learns but does not think, is lost!

He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.



Don’t Drag Me Down


You need to overcome the tug of people against you as you reach for high goals.

– unknownfirework

Memories vs Dreams

memoies“Never let your memories be greater than your dreams.”

By : Author unknown


Boy am I ever guilty of this!  My memories, the things I can’t change, can’t do a thing about short of accept and file, loom like giants in my day to day.  They overshadow my every waking hour, getting there fingers into my decision making .  And, like a spoiled child, taking away my fun.  Oh how much better life would be if I could figure out how to discipline my memories and put them where they belong.  To have a future, to dream would be amazing!  Energizing!  Just plain fun.

Wasted Time



Well, today is my birthday.

And here I sit at the butt crack of dawn blogging.

Some would say that is a waste of time, I would disagree.

My plans for today consist of driving the six hours from my son’s house to mine;  He just had his second child and I was on duty to help Mom.

Some would say that was a waste of time, just postponing the inevitable.  I would disagree.

Time doing things you enjoy is time to recharge your battery, clean the chalk board, do some spring cleaning; what ever you want to call it.

It is VERY necessary down time.


Light for the mind

English: American self-help writer Napoleon Hi...

English: American self-help writer Napoleon Hill (1883-1970) posing for a portrait (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

light“Just as our eyes need light in order to see,

our minds need ideas in order to conceive.”

Napoleon Hill

Don’t Let Yourself Be a Victim

victimYou’re only a victim when you allow yourself to be one.

-Primadonna Angela



Powerful words, I know.  But think about it.  A lot of the aspects of being a victim is a state of mind.  If you don’t permit that state of mind, you’re not the victim.    The exact same thing can happen to an up beat person and a depressed person.  The up beat, positive person will let it roll off and keep on going.  The depressed person will add it to their victim baggage and get bogged down more.

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