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wordpressYou’ve gotten 20 follows on “nol2me”

I’ve got to admit, I had to do a double take.  Really, 20 people who think that what I post is worth checking out.  I know it’s a small milestone but it decidedly dedicated me to another weeks’ worth of posting.

Why you may ask such excitement over such a minor milestone?  Why did I set my next goal for such a short amount of time?  For anyone “enjoying the benefits” (absolutely written with much sarcasm) of a Bipolar Disorder, small successes and short term goals are good things.  Confirmation that what you’re doing is good, is more important than it may be to most.

Every day I wake up not knowing the mood that will take me through the day.  Even with the various medications that I take, the swings in my mood can leave me over productive or non productive.  Having the gentle pull of knowing that someone is reading, gives me (most of the time) enough drive to make another post.

Thank you to my 20 readers.  In my mental health adventure, you are a valuable piece of the puzzle that keeps me…. in between the lines!

Thx – Nol2me



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  1. Funny Quotes
    Dec 30, 2012 @ 01:05:09

    Would love to read more updated information. Bookmarking it.


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