The Season is setting In?


Winter is here and the days are short.  Could that be causing my depression? Christmas and merry making are in full swing. Decorations, carols, family events and loneliness. Could that be the underlying reason? Just finished a fantastic internship at work and returned to a repetitive unrewarding position. Duh, that could be a reason. Or it could just be me. After all, I am Bipolar. I’m over stimulated, and under rested. The depression boulder is at the top of the hill and has started rolling.

With the boulder slowly picking up speed, I’m sleeping worse, tolerating pain less and exhibiting less understanding for those around me. The desire to crawl in a cave until the boulder hits bottom grows more insurmountable every day. I’ve already missed two days of work. Dragging myself to my responsibilities is emotionally and physically painful.

Mantra for the day: You must put forth effort to reap the benefits of this life.


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