Mental Health & Debt Advice – Published 13 July 2012 1622 GMT/UTC

I’m reading this now. Oh my gosh, how true it is. Debt and bipolar feed off each other. Hopefully the info in this booklette will help break the circle. Thought I’d share. Just in case you’re drownding in debt from manic spending and reduced paychecks from missed work like me. This article is based on help available overseas. But hey, it’s still good general info and there should be something for the US, right?

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Copied from the respected advice site

Free Mental Health & Debt 2012 booklet – you’re not alone
Mental health and debt are a marriage made in hell | Info & tips to help you and your family

Mental health issues can cause severe debt, and severe debt’s a catalyst for mental health problems. When we first launched our booklet, many told us of their relief realising they weren’t alone. Annually, one in four have mental health issues and Mind reports 75% say it makes their debt worse. So we believe it needs treating as a mainstream money issue.

  • mental healthNew free Mental Health & Debt booklet – updated for 2012. Download the 44-page
    Mental Health & Debt Help 2012 PDF booklet (thanks to charities Mind, Rethink, CAPUK & others for help). It’s crammed with info on handling debts when unwell, working with banks, where to get help, whether to declare…

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