Energy to spare

I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted.  I’ve been doing a lot of cycling (mood swings) the last few weeks.  Until the other day not only was I exhausted but dumb founded as well.  I could not figure out why I had gone from fairly stable to unpredictable.

I reviewed my schedule.  It had not changed, even though the harder I tried to abide by it, the hard it was to adhere to it.  I checked my medications.  All were being taken.  None had expired.  What in the world was going on.  I had gone from happy and active to either a couch potato or whirling dervish.

It wasn’t until a midnight email session did the light come on.  While reading an email from Julie Fast (referenced below) regarding energy drinks and bipolar something settled in the frenzy of my mind.

Julie A. Fast newsletter from –  Can Energy Drinks Lead to Mania? 

Energy drinks are cheap, seemingly benign and available to all ages. Unfortunately, energy drinks are becoming a problem in the bipolar disorder community, and few are talking about the topic……….  Julie Fast”

In order to stay energized, I had started using an energy supplement.  The bursts of energy had helped me get more done each day.  After reading the article, I had all the energy related products removed from the house.  I am more cautiously taking other stimulants like coffee.  My new mantra is “If it can’t be done during normal hours, it doesn’t need to be done today.”  It took a few days, but I’m stabilizing.

So take heed.  Sometimes helpful seemingly benign things can be sabotaging to our health and wellbeing.

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